RiverTalk February 2021

Why is the River Changing? Exploring river form, processes and management

Date: 23rd February 2021
Time: 10am-11am AEST

Our February RiverTalk dives into the fascinating field of geomorphology. The study of the processes that operate in river systems and the landforms which they create or have created. Our speaker, Misko Iveich will explore the role our environment plays in determining river form and processes. He will give the audience a range of examples of major river adjustments and the role of human interventions (both positive and negative). Misko has vast experience in this field and he will walk us through a variety of real world examples from around the world that he has personally been part of. Please click here to buy the tickets! 

About the Presenter

Misko Ivezich is an environmental engineer who specialises in river processes and restoration. He has undertaken hundreds of waterway assessments across Australia and Asia and specialises in helping stakeholders understand the complex interactions between river hydraulics, sediment transport and channel form. He has been involved in the development waterway strategies and designs ranging from small urban stream restoration projects to multi-million dollar river restoration projects. He is currently helping lead major programs of river management within Great Barrier Reef catchments to reduce sediment loads from impacting on the reef.

Misko has a keen interest in advancing river restoration science having presented at both national and international conferences in recent years on the interactions between floods, sediment transport and stream stability. He also regularly delivers training courses in fluvial geomorphology and river restoration science.

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