Resilient Rivers Blueprint

What is the Blueprint?

The Resilient Rivers Blueprint incorporates the River Journey, the River Resilience Report Card, and the Resilient Rivers Hub. Each play a vital role in establishing the tools for building and achieving resilience in your river and community.

Why the Blueprint?

Most of the rivers around the world are fragmented, degraded and in poor condition. Global change continues to put pressure on these critical resources and water security. We need to ensure that our rivers will be there to provide services for future generations.

Who can use it?

Anyone commited to building river resilience:

  • Government
  • Industry
  • NGO’s
  • Communities
  • Researchers

Download Resources

Resilient Rivers Blueprint Gatefold Brochure

Resilient Rivers Blueprint Discussion Paper

Resilient Rivers Blueprint

1. Self-

Assess what River Personality your river has and where it is currently located on its River Journey.

2. Resilience

Use the River Resilience Report Card to assess your rivers resilience against 4 attributes and 12 indicators.

3. Resilience

Map out a path toward river resilience utilising the five River Resilience Attributes.

4. Action

Combining steps 1-3 will help create a plan of actions to enhance resilience tailored to the river basin.

5. Communication
& Implementation

Use the hub to connect with fellow professionals, learn from each other, and share your resilient river success stories!