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    Emma Harvey

    I believe this is where I can talk about my chosen river. I chose the South Johnstone River in Northern QLD, Aus. I find the system interesting because of the dynamics between wildlife (crocodiles) and people as well as its impacts on the GBR.
    From what I know about the river, I would say it is in the mitigation phase of its river journey. It is a supplier river, with a LUE personality.

    It would rate the South Johnstone:
    a) 4 for innovative and financial mechanisms (e.g. Valuing ecosystem services- mangroves)
    b) 3 for whole-of-system approach (e.g. Stakeholder equity)
    c) 3 for cross-sectoral solutions (e.g. effective regulations)
    d) 3 for institutional arrangements. (e.g. decision frameworks)

    The resilience attributes would rank, in order from most important to least: Resistance, Integration, Inclusivity, Back-up, and then Flexibility.

    Important stakeholders include Innisfail residents, mining companies, GBR marine park authority, sugarcane and banana farmers, and environmentalists such as Yvonne Cunningham.
    Barriers include the multiple conflicting uses of the river, high nutrient and sediment loads, and crocodiles.

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